Venture Perspective: Ryan Yi

Researcher at CoinFund with focus on constructing investment strategies. M.S. in Financial Math from MIT. Researcher on crypto asset-class economics with the MIT Digital Currency Initiative.

Why Bitcoin: Nick Spanos

Visionary and Early Adopter of Bitcoin. Founder of the Bitcoin Center (Prominently displayed in the Netflix movie “Banking on Bitcoin”)

The Future of STO’s: Paul Johnson 

Adjunct Professor at the Gabelli School of Business, specializing in blockchain technology. Senior Advisor at Harbor Peak LLC

Industry Application of Blockchain: Mahesh Chand

Microsoft Regional Director, Founder of C# Corner, CEO Mind-cracker Inc. Expert in C#/.NET, UWP, Mixed-Reality, AI/ML, Cloud, Startups, and Innovation

Legal Perspective: James S. Burrell, II

Business Attorney. Expertise in Crypto Community Management and Structuring. Passionate in helping entrepreneurs establish a strong business legal structure.

Mining Perspective: Sam Risberg

Early Miner with Multiple Mining Operations. Industry experience in Electrical Engineering and Circuitry

Social Impact Perspective: Jason Desimone

Managing Partner at SustDev.NYC. Advisor to Project Forward (sponsored by Goldman Sachs for tokenizing volunteerism) and Earth Ledger (a U.N. project using blockchain to fund climate change proposals)

Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs: Anthony Delgado

CEO of Disrupt, a technology, media, and educational innovation firm. Expert in preservation of capital strategies utilizing Act 20 & Act 22. Passionate about using technology to empower the underserved of the world. Forbes 30 By 30

BION Comedian: Hans Kim

Rising Star Comedian with a twist on technology. Finalist in Seattle & San Francisco International Comedy Competitions

Gaming Perspective: Dmitry Chirun

Blockchain & Gaming Advisory with a focus on VR/AR. Almost two decades in software development and management for startups and established enterprises

Additional Perspectives

What is The BION Difference ?

Jayden Sage, Founder & CEO of BION

What are the Three Laws of Exponential Capabilities

Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist at Davinchi Institute

Publisher: Thomas Frey, Youtube, 4/7/2015, (0:00-3:11)

What is Ripple (XRP) ?

Official Intro Video of Ripple (XRP)

Publisher: Shah Rishabh, Youtube, 12/7/2017, (0:00-2:56)

What is Tron (TRX) ?

Tron Token (TRX) Intro Video

Publisher: Cryptovator, Youtube, 10/3/17, (0:00-12:02)

What is Blockchain ?

What is a Blockchain & How do they work ?

Publisher: Simply Explained – Savjee, Youtube, 11/13/2017, (0:00-5:59)